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Some Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The internet is the main source of inspiration for a marketing campaign. Many companies are exploiting the power of the web to get their product be known to the general public. Over a few decades, the course of advertisement drastically changed from the old-school distributing flyers to the online explosion of pop-up ads and social media marketing. 

Because of the variety of medium as to how the brand’s message can be channeled to the right market, the public has become very selective in choosing the product based on how effective the ad was carried out. This is the reason why so many companies spend millions in brainstorming for the best marketing campaign that can convince the buying public to patronize their products. 

If you are a real estate agent and you can’t afford to hire a professional marketing agency, here are some ways that you can do to attract potential clients:

Write an eBook

If you want to be known as the authority in the real estate industry, then write an ebook and have it published on your website. Your objective is to offer your expertise to those who need it. Avoid mentioning about your listings when writing an ebook.   

Create an Interactive Infographic

Plain text is boring so why not make infographics instead.  Visual messages are easily picked up and retained in the brain. When these visuals reached the target market, they resonate very well. Infographics (IGs) can fit in easily in many multi-channel distributions.  When making an inforgraphic, make sure it only discuss one topic. The effectiveness of IGs depends heavily on three factors: topic, the message, and the visuals that carry the message to the viewers.

Post  Instagram pictures 

Capture a photo of the house that you are selling and post it on Instagram. Put interesting caption and hash tags. Instagram has millions of users, and most of them ages 18-29. This demographic is composed of young adults who may be looking for a place that they can rent or buy. Posting in Instagram can help promot your Hawaii real estate agent account.

Make Video Marketing

If you have the talent of creating a film, consider making a video where you can promote your services and your current listings. According to a study, homes listed with video receive four times more inquiries than those listed without it. YouTube is the default upload location for your video. A well-produced video can attract many viewers that can potentially be your future clients.