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Signs you have a Bad Real Estate Agent


The initial phase of hiring a real estate agent can be tricky. During the interview, a lot of realtors will present themselves very well. They will convince you that they are the men for the job. But once hired, their true colors start to show. They are not the salesmen you are expecting them to be. Then your problem starts to build-up until you reach the point that you want to let go of him because he is not doing his job well. 

What are the indications that you hired a bad real estate agent? Here are the signs: 

1.    They don’t listen

Even if you hired an experienced agent, he cannot simply do what he wants.  He needs to understand your concerns and make sure he is working based on your instructions. Even if you know what kind of property you are looking for, an agent needs to dig deeper to see what really fits you. They will ask you for feedback before they make a decision. If you find an agent who is really insistent of what he wants for you, then he is really not listening. 

2.     They are not knowledgeable 

You rely on your agent to make you understand the entire buying and selling process-from property hunting, house inspection, a neighbourhood tour, finalizing the documents, and closing a sale. You expect him to guide you through all these steps. When you do house inspection, you expect him to talk to you about the neighborhood, the repairs to be done, the extra features of the house and any possible reservations that may arise.  A bad agent will not do this. He will just lead you to the property, open the doors, and will ask you to sign the contract. 

3.     They don’t communicate 

A good agent finds time to be available for you, a bad agent doesn’t. He accommodates you with your concerns no matter what the mode of communication is. Should he miss your calls; he will take the initiative to call you back. He will update you on what is happening. If you need to personally meet him, he will be interested to do the same. He will not make any excuses not to communicate with you. A bad agent does the opposite- he will keep you guessing what’s going on.  

4.     They don’t seem interested in your business 

Even if your property is worth $750,000 or $5M, the price range should not be the basis for your agent not to prioritize your business. The worst insult for you as a seller is to have an agent who will show you upfront that other properties which are valued higher are his priorities.